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Prepackaged Candy Floss – The Nex Carnival

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Thinking of customising your own picture/tag line/logo on your prepackaged candy floss?

Look no further! You have come to the right place!

Prepackaged candy floss has been on the uprising trend as it is easy, convenient and highly customisable!

Prepackaged candy floss also has it’s own advantage as well due to it longer shelves life as it heat-sealed in a clean environment prepared by our NEA certified food handler!

Prepackaged Candy Floss
Prepackaged Candy Floss

If you’re bored with just the simple strawberry or grape flavours, we have a wide range of flavours to choose from to excite your taste buds!

Ranging from the The Classic:
-Strawberry Pink
-Blue Raspberry
-Grape Purple
-Lemon yellow
-Green Apple

Types of Premium Flavours:
-Wacky Watermelon
-Silly Nilly (Pink Vanilla)
-O’Jay (Orange)
-Leapin’ Lime

The flavours and extract are 100% imported from U.S.A! Quality Guaranteed!!

Lets hear what our client have to say!

Prepackaged Candy Floss

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