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Virtual Reality Companies in Singapore – Virtual Reality (VR) Games

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Virtual Reality Companies in Singapore – Virtual Reality (VR) Games

In the current market for virtual reality, virtual reality companies in Singapore either charges virtual reality licence or games too high or they lack customisability.

Here at The Nex Carnival, we provide both affordable, fully customisable and hyper realism virtual reality that will definitely gets your guest scream, punching and even squatting!

As we enter into the future, having virtual reality at your next carnival will definitely bring your carnival to the next level! Leaving your guest in the fourth dimension!

Look no further for virtual reality companies in Singapore!


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‘The Nex Carnival’ (Pte) Ltd was founded by a group of event enthusiasts in Singapore with the aim of revolutionizing the industry by providing a one-stop shop for all your event planning needs. Our team comprises members with specializations in various fields across the events, entertainment and logistics industries to make your event planning a smooth and easy event for you!

We take pride and find great joy in planning professional event, carnival, innovative and creative events, with significant emphasis on making the process enjoyable and memorable, bringing the whole experience to the ‘nex’t Level.

Equipped with trade-related expertise, know-how and wide networks of industry partners, you can rest assured that we provide reliable planning and out-of-the-box creative solutions which accommodate your specific needs and constraints. We will help you wow your guests and transform their expectations for your ‘nex’t big carnival.

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