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Must Have Carnival Games and Live Food Station!

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This are the classic carnival games and live food station that we highly recommend for every carnival that you might have! These games are not only suitable for young kids, they’re apparently also very popular among the adults!

Carnival games can either be a game of chance or a skill! That is also one of the reasons why the carnival games are so popular among the adults and teenager! It test their agility, focus and accuracy!

Below are some of our most popular carnival games stall this Autumn 2017!

Carnival Food Singapore

Drive through is a 2 – player competitive racing carnival game where the player would have to roll the cars from the starting line and aim for the opening at the end.

Starting with 4 cars each, each player would have to pass at least 2 car through for a small prize and 3 cars through for a big prize!

Can you drive through?

Carnival Games and Snacks

Ring toss is a single player carnival game where the player would have to toss the 8 rings they had into the respective color.

Staying sharp and focus is key for this game! Either that, you can also toss all at one go, and hope that it get hooked on to one of them!

Starting with 8 rings each, player with 4 rings in the respective color will get a small prize and 6 ring to get a big prize!

Can you ring it?


Carnival Snacks Singapore


Throw Cans is a single player carnival game where the player would have to toss the ball at a distance of 3m away.

Staying focus and controlling is key for this game! Hitting all down is easy, so the goal here is to not hit everything now! Start planning!

Starting with 3 ball each, player with 0 can left will get a small prize and player with 1 can left, gets a big prize!

Can you ball it down?

Live food stations singapore

Shoot the duck is a single player carnival game where the player would have to shoot the duck at a distance of 3m away.

Staying constant and focus is key for this game! Shooting is easy, but shooting the the target? Might not be that simple!

Starting with 3 bullet each, player that shot 2 duck will get a small prize and player that shoots 3 ducks gets a big prize!

Can you duck it down?
Carnival Games rental singapore

Candy floss is without introduction, the one of the most popular carnival live station for any carnival! Many adult come up to us and tell us stories of their childhood and how they’ve missed it! While the kids tells us how they loved it!

With a twist of the new receipe, we’ve added so much more flavours to our candy floss! We have lime, cinnamon, blue berry and many many more!

Talk to us to see if your favourite flavour is in the list! Else we can customise for you!Carnival food stall rental

No need to queue along the streets anymore! We now bring it right to your door step!

From original flavours like attp seed, chocolate and sweet corn in bread, cup or cone, we’re bringing the exact ice-cream cart that you’ve always queued outside right to your carnival!

Talk to us now!
Carnival food rental singaporeWith a twist of our special oil, we’ve infused it with butter that gives off the aroma that many adults and kids come back for more the moment the popcorn pops and hit the roof!

We’re really not joking about the popcorn! Talk to us now to try it for yourself!

Talk to us now to find out our full range of our games stalls! From small inflatables to some giant inflatables for all ages!

Talk to our friendly staff!
Melvyn Ng
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