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Biggest Sale of the Year! – Air Dancer

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IKEA Sales

IKEA Sales

Customised Color for IKEA Alexandra and IKEA Tampines to welcome new perspectives in 2020!

Catch our Air Dancers in action from now till March!

Air Dancer an inflatable moving advertising product comprising a long fabric tube

Air Dancer is an attention-getting devices that can help grant he attention of your surrounding. With height from 3mH to 8mH (customised), paired with bright poping colours and even customised printing and logo!

Eyes will definitely be on you!

Who is suitable to use:
Generally event with tall ceilings or outdoor.

Do I have to be worried about switching on and off manually?:
Automatic switch timer will be given together to automatically activate on/off at specific timing!

Can I customised my color/design?:
Definitely! But there’ll be a lead time of 2-3 weeks for customisation!

How long in advance do I need to book the Air Dancer?:
1 week lead time, so we have time to prepare and advice you regarding your location and powerpoint requirements!

IKEA Sales

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