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Why Is Renting Tentage and Generator So Complex?

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Tentage and Generator

Are you running an event that is exposed to the outside elements (rain and sun) that have no facilities power (13A - 32A) to power your events?
Then most probably you'll require the two most important element for a great and successful event!



  1. Understanding the types of tentages

    • To understand which Tentage to get for your event, you'll first have to first understand the different types and variant that the market have to offer.
      1. Portable Tent
        • Portable tent are useful for hard-to-reach places. Places with lots of restrictions or event that are time sensitive(set-up). Portable tents, as the name suggest, is very portable and can be set up within minutes. These are tents that are suitable for small-medium parties or events that does not call for heavy duties gazebo tents. They are usually used for markets and bazaar to form "booths" to help frame the stores up. If budget is a constraint, these tents are a great alternatives to our heavy duty gazebos tent!
      2. Gazebo Tent
        • These gazebos tent are great for carnival-style events as the high tipping ceiling are easily recognised to be "carnival". It is very effectively against the shielding out elements and doesn't take up too much spaces. Often then not, these are also used for carnival booths, changing rooms, storage and some even used them as a smoking corner as they can be customised with different accessories for comfort and functionality.
      3. Slope Tent
        • Due to it's design, slope tent can be seen at event that only use in a single side, like our classic pasar malam! With one end that is taller than the others, it is often use for the "business" side. In case of a wet weather situation, the tent will naturally guide the water down the other end!  It is often also used to extend shelters along walkway of HDB or houses as well! It's greatest advantage is that it can be built in a short amount of time (2-3 hours) and it's cost effective!
      4. A-shaped tent
        • A-shaped tent is probably one of the most common tents you'll see around for events and activities. It is a combination of two slope tents. It is highly versatile and highly customisable to suit your event needs. Some of the popular add-on accessories are portable air-conditional, rain curtains, fans and lights, fairy lights, cloths lining and even changing rooms are! The possibilities are endless.
      5. Dome-shaped tent
        • Dome shaped tents are usually use for a more formal setting such as dinner and dance or event with very high expected number of participants. As the ceiling of the tent is higher across the middle, it provides a very spacious feel to the whole event. Large chandeliers and giant fans can also be installed together with the beautiful lining to built to the atmosphere for the event.
      6. Air-conditioned tent
        • Air-conditioned tent, also known as the Rolex of tents, they are the pinnacle of tents as it highly engineered where beam and support bars are re-enforced at the sides, creating a beautiful one piece, full view of the event ground. The ultimate luxury; these tents are usually use for grand gala event, product launch and weddings. With the optional sealed up glass door and HVAC air conditioning system, you'll guaranteed to be transcended into a totally different dimension.
  2. Why is it getting a Tentage so complicated?

    1. Tentage booking seem complicated and confusing for many because every tentage is different (size, shape, height and accessories fitted on). Therefore, every tentage is considered "customised" with different pricing and specifications. Depending from vendor to vendor, pricing may varies depending on many factor such as the quality of the tent, tent's cleanliness and even the size of the set up crew.
    2. Lack of knowledge on the different uses and purpose of the tents. With the lack of information from the vendors to the end client, you might end up be getting the wrong tent for the wrong usage. For example, you might be getting yourself an air-conditioned tent with beamless structure for your event.
      1. But does it fit your budget for your event?
      2. Is it too excessive/sufficient for your need?
      3. Does your venue partner allow for such elaborate set up(space for lorry and crane to unload)
      4. Do you have the right license for the right set up?
    3. "The Hidden Fees" are always there to surprise you after you get your quotations, finalised and ready to pay. Some of the hidden fees that are frequently not mentioned before hand
      1. BCA licenses
      2. GST
      3. Permit fees
      4. Power to operate the accessories (fans, lights, etc)

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

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    1. Choose your Tent!
      1. Pick a Tent you wish to have at your event! Think about the type of event you're having, the kind of atmosphere you want to bring to your guest and the number of pax attending the event!
    2. Access your Venue
      1. Does your venue have easy access loading and unloading bay?
      2. Does your venue allow you to set up Tentages?
    3. Add-on Accessories!
      1. Amongst all the accessories we offer, which do you need?
      2. Does your place require permits before you can setup?

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