Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

The Nex Carnival

Bringing your Nex Carnival to the Nex Dimension

A Shape Tentage

A-shaped tent is probably one of the most common tents you'll see around for events and activities. It is a combination of two slope tents. It is highly versatile and highly customisable to suit your event needs. Some of the popular add-on accessories are portable air-conditional, rain curtains, fans and lights, fairy lights, cloths lining and even changing rooms are! The possibilities are endless.

A Shaped Tentage

Depending on the location, many factor such as how easy is it for the guys to unload the tentage or any other restrictions(permits, licenses,etc) on site, will affect the the set up time required. Generally a typical A shaped tentage set up time will be around 3-4 hours(min).
Yes! A shape tentage are very flexible and highly customisable!
Yes! Definitely. We are able to apply the full permits required (BCA, Change of Permits, Compass, etc)
We have a wide range of generators that fits your different event needs and requirements from 25Kva to upwards 600 Kva.

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