Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

The Nex Carnival

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Air Brush Tattoo

Air brush Carnival games carnival planner Air brush Carnival games carnival planner

Air brush tattoo is a fun, painless and temporary solutions to face painting and even when compared to getting a real tattoo! Using body safe, non toxic body spray, these temporary tattoo,  with the selection from hundreds of different stencils, designs and even custom designs, we are able to provide your guest with a memorable experience of getting a tattoo without any consequences!

Air Brush Tattoo

These temporary tattoo will last roughly around 2-3 days and even up to a week if your guest takes care of them! However if your guest wish you have it removed, they can simply remove them with a wet wipe, alcohol swab and/or nail removal!
Yes! The paint we use are 100% safe for the body and little kids as they're also 100% made from non-toxic ingredients.
Depending on how fast the guest choose their designs, the application of the air brush tattoo is pretty fast and straight forward. Upwards of 50-60 application can be done in an hour.

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