Carnival Food Stalls

In a Singapore carnival setting, the people at The Nex Carnival believe that carnival food and carnival snacks is a very important element part for any successful carnival. Hence at The Nex Carnival we are dedicated to provide the most innovative and scrumptious carnival food or snacks to your event.
You can be assured that you will be spoilt by a whole array of quality carnival food and snacks that will leaves your guest craving for more.
Why?  Well simply because we are true blue Singaporean foodie!
Contact our Nex Carnival Sales team now for a customised quote for your preferred Carnival Food and Snack stalls now!!

Popcorn Machine Rental

Popcorn Candy Floss Live station

The “All-time favourite carnival food” when it comes to organizing a Carnival or Party or even Movie Screening!

Our premium popcorns live station are prepared fresh giving the snack it's crunch and fragrances!  
We offer both live carnival style or ready-made!

From original flavours made using our special butter infused popcorn oil, we offer both sweet and salted. On the other hand, if you're feeling a little fun, we have fun flavours like cheddar cheese to salt and vinegar to Hot Jalapeño

Talk to us now to get a quote! 

Candy Floss Machine Rental

Candy Floss Popcorn Live station

Known as the iconic fun food for carnivals, this fluffy sugar snack AKA Cotton candy is a “must-have” when it comes to parties/ carnivals or events.

with our candy floss live station, you will definitely be “WOW-ED” by the selections of our flavoured Candy floss! 

With a wide range of flavours from strawberry to cinnamon to lime, we got you covered!

Talk to us now to have your own candy floss flavour customised!


Grilled Hotdog Machine Rental

Hotdog_The Nex Carnival

Craving for a savoury treat? Wait no more! Indulge your teeth into our fantastic combination of warm and fresh buns together with premium grade sausages or pipping hot-dogs!

Our selections consist of a variety of different styles of hot-dogs ranging from the typical American style to premium Chicago style Hot dogs!

With our hotdog live station, this is definitely one of the station you do not want to missed! From the classic hot dog to jumbo and cheese hotdog, topped with nachos, BBQ and even satay sauce! 

Talk to us now to find out our full range of flavours!


Slushie Machine Rental

Slushie Machine_The Nex Carnival

A Dessert? A Drink? Why not both! Our Frozen slushie will definitely give you more than a brain freeze, especially with the blazing hot weather and you will be spoilt by the number of flavors we have to offer!

Slushie is one of our most selected stalls as it's very popular among the little ones as well as the old folks.

We have a wide range of flavours from the cocktail to fanta series to the thai series milk tea. Offering more then 30 different types of flavours! Slushie is definitely one of the "must-have" in every carnival!

Talk to us now to get your customised!

Cheese Nachos

The Nex Carnival_Nachos

Voted as the most popular Savoury Snacks, our nachos cheese and tortilla chips live station will excite your snacking instincts leaving you craving for more and more!
Using only the freshest and the most crispy chips topped with thick, smooth and warm nachos cheese. 
Want something more special? We also offer cheddar cheese with salsa de queso, grande cheese and chilli! 

Talk to us now to get your nachos customised and wow your guest!

Takoyaki Live Station

Takoyaki_The Nex Carnival

Takoyaki live station Is an all time favourite Japanese Street Snack that will definitely excite your guest in any events.

Try our Classic flavours, topping it off with Bonito (Fish Flakes) and Mayo/ Takoyaki Sauce.
Made with fresh ingredient from japan, we will have our takoyaki station made live and fresh at your event, anywhere anytime! 

However, if you are feeling a little adventurous then you will be in for a treat with our premium flavours like Kimchi, Nutella, Mala Luncheon Meat, Chilli Tuna and many many more!

Want this at your next event?Talk to us now!

Traditional Biscuit

Traditional Buscuit_The Nex Carnival

Traditional biscuit is still one of the food station where people go crazy over, because it brings back fond memories. We guaranteed the freshness of the biscuit to ensure that by the time you eats it, it'll still be super crispy and tasty just as the good old days!

With a super wide range of authentic traditional biscuit, we are definitely able to offer you the biscuit that you're looking for! 

Talk to us now to get a quote!

Mua Chee Live Station

Mua Chee_The Nex Carnival Mua Chee_The Nex Carnival Mua Chee_The Nex Carnival Mua Chee_The Nex Carnival Mua Chee_The Nex Carnival Mua Chee_The Nex Carnival

If you miss the chewy mua chee topped with flavourful ground peanut with a dash of sugar, fret not! We're offering you the mua chee that you're looking for! Based on the recipe handed down from generations to generations, our mua chee is definitely one of the must try!

Not only the original flavours, we have also bring mua chee to the next level! Back by popular demand, we are now offering chocolate mua chee and mango mua chee to our menu permanently! You can now enjoy our premium mua chee using only the most premium chocolate and mango sauces, every bite will be bursting with flavour!

Have any flavour that you would like to include? Talk to us now to have yours customised!  

Traditional Ice Cream Push Cart Rental

Traditional Ice Cream_The Nex Carnival Traditional Ice Cream_The Nex Carnival Traditional Ice Cream_The Nex Carnival Traditional Ice Cream_The Nex Carnival Traditional Ice Cream_The Nex Carnival Traditional Ice Cream_The Nex Carnival

No more standing under the hot sun and queueing for your favourite ice-cream! We're now bringing the whole cart right to you event!

Same taste, same friendly uncle! 

Talk to us now to have the cart right at your door step!

Ding Ding Candy Live Station

Ding Ding Candy_The Nex Carnival

Ding ding candy got it’s name from the way it’s being harvest. Skilled candy master had to skilfully craft the candy using hard maltose and then the candy master will use 2 chisel to knock and break the candy.

Thus, ding ding candy, The noise also helps with the attraction of the kids and adults. Have this live carnival food stall at your next carnival to get a chance to try it for yourself too!

Talk to us now to enquire more about this rare delicacy!

Malt Candy (Mai Ya Tang) Live Station

Malt Candy_The Nex Candy

The candy uncle will take a pair of chopstick and with this skilled hands, he’ll pull, twist and turn until it reached a thick, bright golden and silky smooth texture. This will then be served once it’s ready. When it’s soft and chewy!

Popular among the carnival goer, this delicacy will definitely bring back lots of memories for lots of people!

Talk to us now to relieve some of those fond memories!

Thai Roll Ice-Cream Live Station

Thai Ice-Cream Roll_The Nex Carnival Thai Ice-Cream Roll_The Nex Carnival

Originated from Thailand, this interesting snack is highly popular mainly because of the way it’s being “cooked’. Ice-cream chef will pick out some of the freshest ingredient based on the guest’s choice.

He’ll then mixed everything together with the cream. and after crushing, pressing and squeezing them together on the ice plate. Let it set. Once ready. He’ll skilfully use the spatular to roll them up, thus “Thai ice-cream roll”

Talk to us now to have a rolling good time!

Ice Cream Waffles Live Station

Ice Cream Waffle_The Nex Carnival

Waffle + ice cream! Genius! Bringing to you the highly sought-after dessert. Paired with our own mixed of Belgium waffles recipe using only the freshest ingredient and artisanal ice-cream. Topped with the sauces of your choice, from chocolate, caramel, strawberry, Nutella or if there’s any sauces that’s not in the list, tell us! We’ll customise it for you!

This is the perfect desert after a sunny hot day! Talk to us now to have it served and made fresh at your next carnival!

Fries Live Station

Waffle fries_The Nex Carnival

Twister fries, cheese fries, waffles fries, truffle fries, chocolate fries, this is one of the most popular finger food! We have more then 10 different types of fries that is bound to meet your needs! Freshly fried at the perfect temperature. It is served with chilli and ketchup!

This is undoubtedly the most popular snacks! Talk to us now to have it fried fresh in your next carnival!

Churros Live Station

Churros_The Nex Carnival

Churros is a famous Spanish traditional snack that has taken the food industry by storm in the recent years. It’s a fried-dough pastry deep fry to golden brown and topped with fine sugar mixed with cinnamon powder. Churros are generally prism in shape pressed using a special churros machine! This snack is now very popular among carnivals and parties that are freshly made at street stands!

Talk to us now to have it freshly fried at your next carnival!

Cup Corn Live Station

cup corn_The Nex Carnival

Cup corn is the most common traditional live food station! Steamed from fresh corn until it’s the right texture, top with either butter or condense milk with a pinch of salt. This high quality sweet corn that we use are from USA and it’s non- GMO so you and your kids can enjoy a safe and high quality corn!

Talk to us now to have it steamed fresh at your next carnival!

Kachang Puteh Stall

Kachang Puteh_The Nex Carnival

Kachang puteh is a dying trade due to modernisation and re-packaging to sell at supermarkets and shops. However, here at The Nex Carnival, we aimed to preserve the dying trade so you can enjoy them at your next carnival! With more then 10 different types of peanuts to choose from, guest can either chose to have their cone filled with different types of peanut or they have have just 1 or 2 types.

Talk to us now to have a served at your next event!

Frozen Yoghurt

Frozen Yoghurt The Nex Carnival

Frozen yoghurt have taken the market by storm in the recent years and has still been very popular among Singaporeans! Now, we’re bringing it right to your event! With a special blend of yoghurt and fresh ingredient, mixed together in the yoghurt dispenser, it’s like opening up your first chain of yoghurt store!

Talk to us now to have it sent to you next carnival!

Thai Coconut Husk Ice-Cream

Thai Coconut Husk Ice Cream

Using only the sweetest and freshest coconut from the tropical forest, 100% of the coconut is being used to make the ice-cream. The sweet coconut juice will be incorporated into the ice-cream together with fresh full cream milk and our secret ingredient, the end result is a combination of creamy, silky and exploding with coconut flavour with every mouth. The husk will be used as a serving bowl for you and your guest while the coconut meat will use as topping together with the ice-cream for the full coconut experience!

Talk to husk(us) now to have it served fresh at your next event!

Tu Tu Kueh

Tu Tu Kueh The Nex Carnival

Famous for it’s pillow-like texture, so soft and fluffy on the outside, moist and soft on the inside, This local delicacy have been around since the 1930’. Made using rice flour, it is then steamed to perfection with it’s inside filled with either coconut or peanut, this snacks have been very popular among the kids and the adult!

Talk to us now to have it steamed at your next event!

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He will make sure that we meet every single one of your requests and requirements to your satisfaction.

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