Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

The Nex Carnival

Bringing your Nex Carnival to the Nex Dimension

Carnival Fun

Fancy transforming your event into a full-fledged carnival? Look no further with our games!

Fabricated and designed in-house, they are interactive and cater to people of all ages and guarantee hours of fun, and adds a whole new level of vibrancy to any event.

Carnival Games Stall


Carnival Game Booth

Carnival Games Stall

Carnival table box games are a must for all carnivals! Our table games are highly attractive, interactive and fun for children and adults of all ages! With unique designs and creative customised table box game, our carnival table box game stall is one of our best seller!

Click here for more information on our Carnival Table Box Game Stall!

Carnival Games Stall

Premium Carnival Game Stall

4-in-1 foosball Carnival Games Stall Rental Sinagapore

Premium Carnival Game Stall

Following the trend with the market, we are constantly on the mission to add new and exciting premium game stall to our list of games! As the Number One Carnival Planner in Singapore, we pledge ourselves to only provide the latest and updated premium games in our inventory!

We also have premium games prizes for you and your guest! For more exciting prizes, we have customised prizes that fits your budget and company profile!

Click here for more information about our Premium Carnival Game Stall!


Carnival Games Stall

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