Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

The Nex Carnival

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Emcee Management

Happy Fei Fei

Richard Style

Wayne Chua


Emcee Management

Have you been to a crowded event that is very un-organized and messy? Where all your guest is either very bored and at lost of what to do? This is why it’s important to engage an Emcee for your event! A good Emcee will not only be able to engage and entertain your guest but will help keep the event moving and your guest well informed of what is happening! In addition to that, he or she will be the representative for your organization on the day drawing in crowds and keep the event in check!
At The NEX Carnival we have a diversified portfolio of Emcees including Celebrity Emcees all the way to Professional Emcees to host your events ranging from simple house parties to large scale DND / Events. All our Emcees are handpicked and gone thru tedious vetting and curation to suit your event genre.
Every Emcee depending on their experience and capability have different rates and packages. Find out your ideal Emcee rates at to understand what type of packages are you getting? There will be Emcees in the industry who will overcharge their rates because they can. But here at The NEX Carnival we assure and guarantee you that your will get a competitive price or package base on the needs of your event and not some overly pricy rates that might be over intended for your event!

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