Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

The Nex Carnival

Bringing your Nex Carnival to the Nex Dimension

Deep Fried French Fries Live Station

When the word "fresh fries" is mentioned, almost without fail, ever kids's eye will light up with joy! A tasty french fries shold be perfectly golden and crisp and deliciously fluffy and tender on the inside!

With modern technology, there are currently a variety of french fries with very different shape, size and cuts! From waffle looking fries to thick fries to shoe string fries to wedges shaped fries.

All of them gives a different texture and bite feel!

Talk to us to see which fries is more suitable for your guest and audience!

Deep Fried French Fries

We can serve approximately 90 pax in an hour.
Yes, we will require 2x table(at least 1m x 1m each).
Yes, there will be minimum 1x crew member to operate it.
We would require 1x ISOLATED 13(small)/15amp(big) power point.

Click on the WhatsApp logo below and find out more!

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