Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

The Nex Carnival

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Front of House Sound System

Sound System Front Of House

Good and high quality sound/music is the soul of any event. Be it the ambiance music or the emcee voice. Choosing the right music for the right event is important because the music will set the mood of the entire event. It's the first thing people noticed when they step in. Just like the backdrop, it should supplement the event, instead of causing unnecessary attentions or problem to the event! However, if the music projecting out is soft, unstable or even cracking, it might cause a huge problem for the event.

Therefore, we understood the importance of sound. We know the pain of having bad sound quality. We want to be able to supply sound system that we'll be proud of, one that we'll proudly use ourselves. Let our sales team know, we'll be more then willing to send you a show reel/give you a tour!

Audio, Visual and Lighting

Absolutely! The greatest number of condensers we have worked with on one such package is 6 to 8 condensers during a band performance.
Please provide minimally 3 x 13A power points!
For indoor, a typical school hall size is no issue. For outdoor, half a school hall size. These sizes are for optimal enjoyment, our system can actually support a larger space than that.
For the standard Front of House(FOH), 2 active speakers will be provided. However we also provide add-ons speakers, mics, condensers mic for musical instruments, sound technicians, etc.

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