Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

The Nex Carnival

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Dragon Beard Candy

Dragon’s beard candy (or Chinese cotton candy) is a handmade traditional art of China. It is also a traditional Chinese sweet similar to spun sugar, which can be found in many Chinese communities. Dragon’s Beard Candy was initially created in China, but soon spread in popularity and became a regional delicacy in other parts of East Asia, as well as (and more recently) CanadaSingapore, the United StatesTaiwanMacau, and Japan. Dragon’s Beard Candy was a highly prized sweet within the Korean royal court as well.


Dragon’s beard candy has been described as an old-fashioned candy characterized by a “rich, sweet flavor” with a threaded, chewy texture. Its appearance resembles that of a white cocoon or pillow shape.[1] It has a high sugar content (19%), and 2% saturated fat content.[2] By comparison, cotton candy is fat free with a very high sugarcontent (94%).[3] Dragon’s beard candy has a very short shelf life. It is highly sensitive to moisture,[4] and tends to melt when exposed to higher temperatures, notably during warm weather.


Serving size
Approximately 100 pax/hour

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