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Kachang Puteh

Kachang Puteh

Kachang Puteh_The Nex Carnival

Long long time ago, before Popcorns was brought into Asia, the nostalgic Kachang Puteh was the star snack for any carnivals or Movie screening events.

Our Kachang Puteh package includes a wide variety of quality beans, peas and nuts which are kept in separated transparent glass or plastic containers. Order from us now if you are thinking to blast back into the past for some old-school carnival events.

As the name suggest, Kachang Puteh, "kachang" refers to nuts while "puteh" refers to white. Which is often why you see them being served in a white little cones.

In the earlier years, kachang puteh seller push around in a cart with a variety of nuts to choose from, they are often seen along the side of the streets or in the cinemas!

With a huge assortment of nuts, your guest will be able to choose from a wide assortment of nuts presented in front of them - free flow, served in a little white cups as well!

Kachang Puteh

We can serve approximately 100 pax in an hour.
Yes, there will be minimum 1x crew member to operate it.
Yes, we will require 1x table(at least 1m x 1m).


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